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Call for Papers/Applications: 


Europe in the World – the World in Europe
22-24 April 2021 (virtual event) | Apply by 4 March 2021 more information and how to apply

For the last five centuries it has been perceived that Europe was the main influence on major world developments through its formal and informal colonial and neo-colonial power. In the last decades, however, it could be argued that the greatest influence on the state of Europe itself has come from the world outside. Influences from the outside have not only affected the political agenda in most of Europe’s countries, they also have had profound social and cultural impact. Europe is also greatly affected by the economic consequences of globalisation.
This Spring School will bring together post-graduate researchers, mainly but by no means exclusively, in Humanities and Social Sciences discussing the wider impact of the world on Europe and of Europe in the world in a historical and contemporary context. Issues that will be explored by leading experts include topics such as the COVID crisis, our global state of democracy, ending the Cold War, and the implications of AI. The participants will provide alternative readings of how interdependence in the world has developed over the last century and how that affects the current state of Europe. Speakers will include Lord Chris Patten (Chancellor of the University of Oxford), Janez Lenarčič (European Commissioner for Crisis Management), Professor Archie Brown (Oxford), Dr Kevin Casas-Zamora (Secretary General, International IDEA), Professor Robert Gildea (Oxford), Artur Kluz (Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, Oxford), and Dr Marcin Walecki (Oxford).
We welcome applications from master’s and doctoral students from within the Europaeum network who wish to either just join the discussions, or present a paper.

CFPs in the pipeline:

Summer School 2021 | St Andrews (postponed from 2020)
‘Europe through Film and Visual Arts’

Europaeum Conference | 1-2 October, Madrid (tbc)
to mark the completion of the Europaeum Scholars Programme 2020/21

Classics Colloquium | Autumn 2021, Madrid (postponed from 2020)
‘Metabolé: Crisis and Transformation in Antiquity’

Application deadline for Europaeum Scholars Programme 2022/23 | late 2021

Winter School on Planetary Welfare | January 2022, Barcelona

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