Workshop: Modern technology and its challenge for contemporary democracy and non-electoral representation

Workshop program:

7. 3. 2022 14:00 V407 (Voršilská 1)

Kateřina Kňapová: TV – Facebook – Telegram: change of media channels and populist political representation

Kristina Broučková: Changing the relationship between political representation and its audience(s) in the age of social media

Kristián Těmín: Political representation in the area of social networks: possibilities Saward’s theory

Workshop papers are available here.

Call for papers:

You are cordially invited to a workshop for graduate students keen on the theory of representation, theory of democracy, non-electoral forms of representation, or digital media. 


Rapidly developing modern technology itself affects not only the way of political communication but also the form of democratic institutions. As representatives of such a technology, social media play a crucial role not just in the daily life of citizens but in political life as well. Social media can connect completely different social groups but can isolate users from different opinions on crucial political questions. Social media are changing both the way of campaigning and political communication and the inner structure of a democratic regime. Democracy can profit from such a technology or be endangered by it such a technology, especially when social media provably affect democratic elections. Moreover, social media play a remarkable role in contemporary forms of representation and have already brought significant changes to both two-side communication and making demands between constituents and representatives. 

The workshop focuses on the role of representation in the era of social media. Key questions are: How does modern technology influence the form of (democratic) representation? How does it change the relationship between the representative and the represented? What role do non-electoral representatives play in social media?    

Keywords: theory of representation, democracy, digital communication, non-electoral representation

Call for papers: the deadline for abstracts (no more than 250 words) is 31st January, 2022. Abstracts are required in English. Presentation in Czech is possible. 

Date of Workshop: 7th March, 2022 

Venue: Room V 407, Department of Political Science, Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Voršilská 1, Praha 1 

Contact: Kateřina Labutta Kubíková (, Kristián Těmín (

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This workshop is supported by the project by the project the Grant Schemes at CU, reg. no. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/19_073/0016935